About Us


Bestowed (verb), to present as a gift; give; confer (usually followed by on or upon)

Designer Marla Bzowski has always had a keen eye for accessorizing fashion and creatively making and recreating jewelry. Bestowed

Bead creations that embody passion and beauty.

Drawn to the many varieties and textures of both new and vintage beads from around the world, Bestowed Beads initially focused on beaded bracelets, but over time has expanded its collections to include necklaces, headbands, rings and a highly sought-after men’s collection.

Each Bestowed Beads creation is handmade and uniquely crafted to provide each client with an exclusive piece of jewelry. Our specialty is designing pieces using all genuine gems and semi-precious stones. We use a variety of material including sterling silver, 14K gold-plated metals, copper, and vermeil components.

We provide each Bestowed Bead enthusiast with one-of-a-kind jewelry that will have people asking: “Where did you get that?” Whether you choose from one of our collections or custom order something special for yourself or someone else, you will feel uplifted and beautiful when wearing Bestowed Beads.

Be Bestowed....